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Everyone one wishing to connect Ps4 and Ps5 to the spotify application into paly music station But many people are don’t know how to connect the piar device. Ru waiting for this results how to connect pair device, this is the right place I will give full information to connect the spotify to pair paly music station ps4 and ps5 using the connection of the Https// Ps4. Foll the steps to connect the Spotify to pair with Ps4.

Before connecting device, you need to know about the spotify. What the purpose of connecting the device. If you any error in the ps4 box try to complete all the error. If it’s till showing the error means here I will explain abouth the how to avoid all the errors whole connecting the ps4 pair device.

Reasons to use spotify to Play Station

In play station there are many models are coming year wise they are updating the play station daily they are using adding the extra featured. Ps4 and ps5 are the most famous play station both has better features than others. When your playing games, getting bored interest will be gone that time you can refreshing your mind and play the game. You will not get bored. Reason to connect the Spotify because it has the million of songs all over the world best app for listening the music from Spotify account. Before connecting device you have sign in your spotify account.

How to install Spotify account on using Android mobile phone.

Friends if you don’t know how to open the Spotify account in your Android mobile. Here I will give the Brief information abouth how to install the Spotify account . If you already registered means direct sign in your account. If your not registered means sign up , the Spotify account follow these steps.

1.Go to Google Play store in your Android mobile phone.

2.Explore the spotify name in the play store .

3.lnstall the spotify app.

4.If your the new user registered the spotify account with email or Facebook

•If you registere with Facebook means no need to fill the details•

• If you register with gmail fill the details

How to install the spotify account in Desktop

In desktop mode it is very difficult to download the spotify application if you want to download the spotify account In your desktop follow the below steps

1.on desktop you need a separate software to download the spotify.

2.Go to desktop play store .

3.install the spotify application.

4.Open the spotify account

•If your the new user sign up the spotify

•If your already registered means then sign in your spotify account.

How to connect Https// ps4 Play station.

This is the final steps to connect the spotify pair device

1.Sign in your spotify app on Desktop or mobile.

2.Switch on the Bluetooth on your mobile or desktop

3.In PlayStation Ps4 or any other PlayStation click on the PS button.

4.Switch on the ps4 Bluetooth.

5.Pair the both device spotify to ps4

6.if the above device is connected means it shows the connected device.

• If its not connected means it shows that not conneceted device.

After connecting pair device successful now you can play all the music when your playing the ges. Make sure that when your connecting pair device sometimes your network will be slow try to make that your connection will be speed.

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